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Spam SMS V1.0 Pro

Developer: Gianni Occhipinti
0.99 usd

Spam unlimited with the PRO version and unlock all options.You can now view your total number of sms sent and view the history of your sms sent !!
You can now spam several contacts at once and always so simple and effective.
Enjoy an unlimited spam !
SPAM SMS V2.0 is an android application for cramming your recipient by sending a huge number of messages that you have chosen, all in one click.Ideal for a birthday wish or a party!
The user can either enter the number of the target, or select the number from the directory. Then simply return it to the message they want to send and how many times they want to send this message. It remains for him to press the "Spam" button and the target is immediately flooded by the huge number of messages you have sent.
I recall that this application is only intended to have fun with friends, so be reasonable.SPAM SMS V2.0 is create for fun with frinds and is not intended for an attack on a mobile .Enjoy !